30/10 09:27

Introducing Frédéric le chat in 3D!

This character, Frédéric le chat, was created(in 2D)by my good friend Frédéric Tremblay a few years ago.I really likes the character and the stories he wrote about it, so I proposed him to 3 dimensionalize(tm) it! :) Eventually, I'd like to produce short films staring this cat, but first, I needed to do test/experiments. I got the modeling and the rigging (kindly done by Mathieu Fiorilli (cgaddict.com)using it's fstretch plug-in) and here's what it looks like in a couple of test poses.

=High Resolution version - click here=

In the next few days, I'll put the finishing touch to an animation test staring this guy. I'm Hoping to put it online within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more exiciting(and cute) Frédéric le chat material!

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