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Frederic le chat - Anim/rig test 2011

Here's an animation I did for Frederick le chat, a personal project I've been working in my spare time for a couple of months. It's an original drawn character by my friend Frederick Tremblay and I did conversion to 3D (and the animation). This animation purpose was to test the rig(kindly done by Mathieu Fiorilli (cgaddict.com)using it's fstretch plug-in), so I wanted to try many positions and actions; that's why I choose a dance from Gene Kelly in Singin in the rain as a starting point for this clip; lots of movements, spins and use of space. It was fun to animate, but took more time than expected... I went throught many rig experimental tweaks and 3D look researches. There are still some things I want to tweak before(and if) I do a short film with the character, but overall I'm happy with the result. Stay tuned for more exiciting(and cute) Frédéric le chat material! Enjoy!

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Full Credits:
Directed/Animated/Modeled/Lighted by J.R. Gauthier
Created by Frederic Tremblay
Rigging: Matthieu Fiorilli (cgaddict.com)
additional modeling: Olivier Turcotte, Christophe St-Pierre-Paradis
Music: From the original soundtrack of Singin in the rain
Softwares: Maya, F-stretch, Mental Ray, Houdini, Photoshop

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