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my name is Jean-Renaud Gauthier, I'm a 3D artist with special interests for character design, modeling and animation. In the current section (Blog/news) you will find the latest news and pictures I've been creating.Visit the portfolio section to see all my artworks, animations and demoreel. Enjoy!
01/09 07:01

Dinosaur Revolution!

The series premiere of Dinosaur Revolution is just around the corner. I've been Character animator on this project for a couple of months last year. Mokko Studio, where I work, was responsible for producing 2 entire episodes: Episode 2- The Watering Hole and Episode 4 - End Game
It was quite a fun ride with pretty intense(and long) shots. I am really happy to finally be able to share it with the world! :)

Dinosaur Revolution premieres Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 9PM e/p on Discovery.
More infos and clips here.

24/12 13:49

I have a vimeo channel!

This is the link to my new Vimeo channel:
There is not much in there yet, but I'm planning to move all my website videos to it. The quality is very good, and it allows to download the original, uncompressed, video file source...Sweet!

12/09 09:51

Zbrush 3.5 first encounter

Zbrush 3.5 just been released so I had to give it a little test drive.
The new tools are really powerful and intuitives. We better get prepared to see alot of pieces similar to this one. Seems like the new tools are dragging you naturally toward the creation of sci-fi/bug/mecanical stuff.
Never the less, much more could be achived with it and it rocks. Thanks to pixologic for another iinnovative(and free) upgrade!

=High Resolution image - Click HERE=

07/07 22:04

Bullseye the cowman

Here's another new drawing of mine.
No cowboy here, it's a cowman! Done with a raw sketchy approach, I'm really happy with the result. I wanted him to look mean and dirty!
If you want to leave comments about it, please do so on the cgtalk forum following this link:

click here for High Resolution version

27/06 21:47

sketch of the week...

Here's another sketch from one my characters: "Le petit Géant".
No ground breaking intentions behind this... just having simple and pure fun drawing!
Hope you like it!

High Resolution version click here

09/02 20:10

Here comes the Podcats!

Les Podcats, the 3D TV serie I'm working on is finally on air, on France3 channel(in France of course).I've been animation director for the project for several months now and it feels great to finally share our work.Congratulation to the talenteds teams from Mokko studio and Okidoki! Here's the link to the official website where you'll find some video samples of the show(It's only in french for now...):

Podcats official website

HighRes Image

14/11 19:24

Journey to the center of the earth 3D

Long time since I did not drop a line....I've been really busy working as a CG Lead @ MokkoStudio on the upcoming blockbuster "Journey 3-D" starring Brendan Fraser. This is a really ambitious project mixing live actors and tons of CG...ALL in STEREOSCOPY! (It means with 3D glass!) :) We had the chance to work on a couple of shots and explore this old new technique, teamed with our friends of RodeoFX . It's been a real good challenge and I'd like to thanks everybody at Mokkostudio and RodeoFX for their dedicated work and for sharing this ground breaking experience! Cheers! ...Go see the movie when it comes out!! :)

ps: Picture above is not an actual shot of the film, that's right!

13/02 22:02

Passive Rigid Body

Good evening,
here's a drawing I just finished. I started this one as a color exercise in Photoshop and ended up working on it in and out for quite a while. I wanted to push my "digital painting" skills a bit further than usual and play more with lights and volumes. It was really fun and I think I'll start another one soon...enjoy!

Highres Version

13/01 12:35

End of the line

Alright! My friend Maurice Devereaux just putted on-line the web page for his upcoming horror film END OF THE LINE. I had the chance to work on a couple of FX shots for this creepy film. Here's the link: www.endofthelinemovie.com

15/12 08:09

Illustration - Grapes of Wrath

Here's the result of another challenge between me and a friend; the theme was food/monster...Well disguised as simple grapes, this thing is actually a nasty carnivorous plant!

HighRes Version