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my name is Jean-Renaud Gauthier, I'm a 3D artist with special interests for character design, modeling and animation. In the current section (Blog/news) you will find the latest news and pictures I've been creating.Visit the portfolio section to see all my artworks, animations and demoreel. Enjoy!
27/11 22:55

Creature animation demoreel 2013 from jrgauthier on Vimeo.

2013 Creature DemoReel - short and sweet! Enjoy! Click on Vimeo icon for bigger video.

09/05 07:21

EB Labs animation tools

Good morning,
I really need to talk about 3D animation tools I've been using for a while.
Animator Eric Bates created those amazing Maya scripts that really helps you speed up your work flow:

Every serious 3D animator should consider getting them. Script prices range from 4.95$ to 9.95$ which is a really good bargain.
One game charger for me is the World Space tool, it basically allows you, while animating, to get an object in and out of it's hierarchy on the fly.
You should try and see for yourself; visit Eb Labs web site for more details.

08/01 07:05

The Champ - facial rig experiment

Lipsync animation done for testing facial rig of The Champ. I wanted to push the animation cartoon style and facial poses to a certain extreme to really see what could be achieved with the rig.
The Champ: Character Design, modeling, rigging and animation by me
Sound clip from the movie "HotRod"
All done in Maya 2012

26/03 15:32

The Champ - Blendshape and rigging RnD

Here's a new character I designed, modeled, rigged, animated and rendered.
I'm testing a new pipeline for my character creation workflow, and this is the phase I was mostly testing my facial shapes and a bit the rig as well. There are some imperfections and details that are still work in progress, but overall I'm really excited about the result, and future looks bright for this work method.
Now I need to put some cloths and other details on the guy(maybe hair and textures as well.)
I'll post a turntable of the model and design sketches soon...


Software used: Maya, Zbrush, Topogun

23/01 06:59

Underworld Awakening

great news for me; Underworld Awakening is finally out. Not, that I'm a big fan of the serie, but I actually animated some Lycan shots on the movie.
Fun times! So, our team went to check the movie on friday, and it was actually better than I expected. It was fun to watch; It's an action/gore/fx galore to say the least.
Another great news is that it did very well this week-end at the box-office, it finished first with 25m. Not bad! :) Congratulations to everybody who worked on the movie and big up to the Mokko team!

Here's the official trailer of the movie:

01/12 23:31

1 minute Animation DemoReel 2011

Here's my 2011 animation DemoReel. I figured I should make it short and sweet, so it's about a minute long. For the most part, it's a collection of work done in 2010/2011.

Enjoy! :)

You can watch it bigger or download it in HD here:
Breakdown of the shots is available on the vimeo page.

07/11 06:26

Frederic le chat - Anim/rig test 2011

Here's an animation I did for Frederick le chat, a personal project I've been working in my spare time for a couple of months. It's an original drawn character by my friend Frederick Tremblay and I did conversion to 3D (and the animation). This animation purpose was to test the rig(kindly done by Mathieu Fiorilli (cgaddict.com)using it's fstretch plug-in), so I wanted to try many positions and actions; that's why I choose a dance from Gene Kelly in Singin in the rain as a starting point for this clip; lots of movements, spins and use of space. It was fun to animate, but took more time than expected... I went throught many rig experimental tweaks and 3D look researches. There are still some things I want to tweak before(and if) I do a short film with the character, but overall I'm happy with the result. Stay tuned for more exiciting(and cute) Frédéric le chat material! Enjoy!

Click here for higher resolution

Full Credits:
Directed/Animated/Modeled/Lighted by J.R. Gauthier
Created by Frederic Tremblay
Rigging: Matthieu Fiorilli (cgaddict.com)
additional modeling: Olivier Turcotte, Christophe St-Pierre-Paradis
Music: From the original soundtrack of Singin in the rain
Softwares: Maya, F-stretch, Mental Ray, Houdini, Photoshop

30/10 09:27

Introducing Frédéric le chat in 3D!

This character, Frédéric le chat, was created(in 2D)by my good friend Frédéric Tremblay a few years ago.I really likes the character and the stories he wrote about it, so I proposed him to 3 dimensionalize(tm) it! :) Eventually, I'd like to produce short films staring this cat, but first, I needed to do test/experiments. I got the modeling and the rigging (kindly done by Mathieu Fiorilli (cgaddict.com)using it's fstretch plug-in) and here's what it looks like in a couple of test poses.

=High Resolution version - click here=

In the next few days, I'll put the finishing touch to an animation test staring this guy. I'm Hoping to put it online within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more exiciting(and cute) Frédéric le chat material!

25/10 21:37

Dinosaur Revolution - Animation DemoReel

Here's a good sample of the shots I've animated on Dinosaur Revolution. Lots of complex and long shots that were lots of fun on to animate!
All animations were done by me at Mokko Studio(where they also did shading,lighting and compositing. Please click on the Vimeo icon to watch at full resolution. Enjoy!

22/05 07:32

First ZBrush 3 experiments

Zbrush 3 just realeased a couple of days ago. I'm currently spending all my spare times playing with it. I'm really happy with this release, it surpasses all my expectations! So here's W.I.P. I've done in the past few days, using the topology tool to extract a clean model out of a model started from a simple sphere. I love that tool!! Enjoy the pic, there are certainly more coming soon! :)

Highres Version