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08/10 08:57

Le Géant: T-shirt design

Good morning,
I just submitted my latest drawing to become a t-shirt on Threadless. Show some love! :)

Click here to acces Threadless page.

Highres Version click here

18/09 09:53


I got myself some very interesting books about speedpainting. Spark and Exodyssey by Steambot Studio . Those books are so interestings and full of handy inputs. I recommend those books very much to people who like sci-fi art or want to learn about the process of speedpaint. Those guys really know something about kick starting inspiration and just have fun with the creative flow. Big up to the Steambot Studio crew!

Here are my first experiments at Speedpainting.

Click here for High resolution version!

Click here for High resolution version!

27/06 20:50

EL Luchador

Here's a color exercise I did in photoshop. It's the portrait of a luchador.My goal on this one was to push colors to their extreme limits, while still be able to watch it for more than 5 seconds straight.
Was lots of fun to do. Next time, I'm aiming for a more dynamic subject with a more elaborated BG. Cheers!

!!!CLICK HERE!!!for high-res version

23/01 08:47

Red Dead Riding Hood 2000

This image is the first sketch of project I started for the "B-movie contest" on cgtalk.com. It's been a long time since I did not produce material for that kind of event. The theme just got me hooked.I don't know if the final image will be 2D or 3D yet. I don't even know if I'll have time to produce a final image actually. Time will tell. I'm working on other projects at the same time...Stay tuned!